Air System#1 Skydancer Jet Stream

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The Jet Stream Fan is an extremely powerful fan for virtually any kind of advertising use, due to it’s powerful æ HP motor and it’s uniquely designed fan blades.The Jet Stream has a 2-Speed powerful æ HP motor with the lowest rated decibels in its class, giving it the flexibility to be used both indoors and out!The base of the Jet Stream Fan is designed to create a very stable base to avoid vibration during use.

The Jet Stream also has these unique built in features:

Locking Wheels to lock unit in place during operation, and ease the task of moving unit with ease when unlocked.
Unit includes a handle for ease of carrying unit when floor is not smooth for rolling.
Unit has a very useful pull strap to ease the process of moving location with ease.
Unit has a built in cord wrap for the 25ft cord for easy storage.
3 built-in wind stabilizing pole receptacles for additional safety in windy conditions.
Pre drilled 5/16 hole in center of fan grill to accommodate a lighting system.

115 V

230 V

60 Hz

50 Hz

5200 CFM

5510 CFM


L 6.6A / H 7.0A

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