SUPERBOWL – 03.23.04

NORTHRIDGE, CAÖSkyDancers International, the dancing inflatable innovator, joined with Super Bowl event planners in launching metallic SkyDancers in patriotic colors at this yearís Super Bowl XXXVIII Pre-show extravaganza. A stage full of red, blue and silver animated SkyDancer FlyTubes came to life as the inflatables danced to popular music performed by industry icons.

This yearís Super Bowl took place at Houstonís new Reliant center. The pre-game show paid tribute to the great city of Houston, NASA, and the entire state of Texas. For this event, SkyDancers International provided five air systems topped with colorfully flowing FlyTubes.. The glimmering colors of SkyDancer displays solidified the presentation.

According to SuperBowl XXXVIII Pregame production designer, Joe Zenas of Thinkwell Design and Production, ìWhen designing live performances, it is critical to add elements that will highlight, but not take away from the show. SkyDancers did just that and performed flawlessly, energizing the production and allowing the performers to shine their brightest.î

SkyDancers continue to be a premier prop for special events and unique promotions. They deliver incredible visual impact and add ease-of-use when creating events. SkyDancers require only minutes to set up and seconds to take down allowing event planners the freedom to use their resources in other areas. The systems are typically positioned on the ground, but can be battery powered and worn on the back, placed on parade floats, or mounted high above the ground and remotely activated.

ìFor nearly ten years, dancing inflatables have demonstrated their effectiveness at attracting attention and entertaining,î says Chris Austin, President of SkyDancers International. ìIn 2004, SkyDancers International will take dancing inflatable technology to the next level by introducing amazing new products to the event market. We look forward to partnering with major event producers, such as Thinkwell Design Group, to create events more exciting than ever before.î

Super Bowl XXXVIII was televised to an estimated 130 million viewers in the United States, and a potential worldwide audience of 1 billion viewers. The Super Bowl is annually the nationís highest-rated TV program and the most-watched single-day sporting event.

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