SkyDancers International is proud to introduce new Reality SkyDancers, dancing inflatables with realistic faces built directly onto the character.

To have your face (or any other face) imprinted onto the SkyDancer, simply provide a picture of the face to be scanned. SkyDancer artists will create a mirror image imprint and place onto any model SkyDancer you select.

At this year’s Lingerie Bowl in Los Angeles, cheerleader SkDancers were created for opposing teams. Quarterback Nikki Ziering’s face was placed onto her “Team Dream” inflatable and Quarterback Angie Everheart’s face was placed onto the “Team Euphoria” inflatable. Both Reality inflatables danced throughout the event. To have video highlights of the event emailed to you, reply to this email with “send video” in the subject line. The video is approximately 1 MB in size.

To get your Reality inflatable, send us a color photo of the face you want on the inflatable and we will give you a quote based on the size of the inflatable you select and the model (two-legged, single-legged, etc.).

More great inflatable products are in development. To hear more about them, call us today at (800) 439-9878.