SkyDancers Featured in Music Video ìGone, Gone, Goneî by Grammy Award-Winning Duo Robert Plant and Alison Krauss


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SkyDancers Featured in Music Video ìGone, Gone, Goneî by Grammy Award-Winning Duo Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Northridge ñ February 29, 2008 ñ SkyDancers International Inc., the technology leader in active motion promotional inflatables, announced today that DNA Studio, based in Hollywood, CA selected SkyDancers for the special effects set design for the music video entitled, Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On) starring internationally famous performers Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Alison Krauss. The video is nominated for a couple of CMT awards, including Collaborative Video of the Year and Director of the Year CMT (Country Music Television Network) is currently featuring Plant and Krauss in their unique teaming arrangement on their ìCrossroadsî Program this month. Alison Krauss and Robert Plant took home this years Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals for Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On) from Raising Sand. 

The Writer/Director of the ìGoneî music video, Rocky Schenck, and Producer, David Robertson went to SkyDancers in search of fulfilling a set design idea that they had that was ìan eye catching special effectî for the video. The resulting effect had Plant and Krauss singing their new crossover country rock song amongst a variety of SkyDancers with their power cords artistically laid out as a type of ìmazeî on the floor of the stage.

According to Rocky, the Director for the music video, ìI was looking for something really unique and memorable for this music video that was a perfect fit for the unlikely team of Robert Plant, a rock star and Alison Krauss, a country western star singing a crossover song that was targeted at both the rock and country markets.î

SkyDancers had the solution. Rocky continued, ìThe song Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On) is a high energy song that deals with the chaotic emotional feelings connected with the loss of oneís love. The chorus ëGone, gone, gone, Really gone, gone, gone, gone, Cause you done me wrong, You done me wrongÖí had to be conveyed visually. The song is about a person who has been scorned by his or her lover and reflects the intense chaotic emotions one feels in that situation.î

ìThe SkyDancer inflatables dancing and spinning amongst the performers were the perfect visual effect I needed to convey this feeling. We had jesters, clowns, cowboys, snakes and other wild figures on stage during the performance. We even had an inflated dancing heart on the stage, which was absolutely perfect for the song. At one point during the shooting of the video, one SkyDancer actually bent over as if in deep despair, it was awesome. The SkyDancers were literally acting out the emotions of the song.î

Rocky continues, ìWe looked at a lot of inflatable ideas when we conceived this idea for the video, but only SkyDancers had the wide range of unique figures that we needed. They were the only company that could fill our needs for the video.î

About DNA Studio

David Naylor and Associates have set the standard in both the music video and commercial production arena, forging one of the most innovative production houses in the entertainment world. The companyís founder/CEO, David Naylor, believes in nurturing an environment where both the creative and client thrive, where craftsmanship is king, and hands-on stewardship of all projects, no matter the budget or the deadline, are handled with the same dedication and commitment to excellence that has made award winning DNA the torch bearer in an industry where change is the only true constant. DNAís headquarters is located in Hollywood, CA, maintaining international strategic and creative partnerships with Academy Films in London and Bandits in Paris.

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