urvey Shows Dancing Inflatables Rank High at Attracting Business Prospects

Innovative Outdoor Advertising Medium Continues to Support Bottom Line Results
NORTHRIDGE, Calif. ñ September 8, 2008 ñ A recent survey of businesses using dancing outdoor inflatables to promote their businesses or event revealed interesting metrics regarding the use, selection and product requests of customers using the promotional inflatable technology. Findings of the survey revealed the effectiveness of this promotional technology with 89% of existing dancing inflatable users ranking them as effective or very effective at attracting business prospects.

Dancing inflatables entered the market in the early 1990s and continue to evolve in terms of pricing, design, functionality and applications. These animated inflatables are typically 20 plus feet in height and come in the shape of characters or straight tubes. Typically, these inflatables have custom logos or messages imprinted on them. These inflatables differ from large static inflatables such as the rooftop balloons or big gorillas because rather than hold the air in the inflatable, air passes through them causing them to dance, bend and generally move about. Dancing inflatables consist of a high-power fan at the base and a strong lightweight material attached to the top of the fan which inflates then moves, twists and bends as the wind flows through the inflatable resulting in attractive movements.

Users of dancing inflatables, including retailers and event producers, choose this form of promotional display to highlight a location and drive attention to the area. ìWe noticed a near instant response to our use of dancing inflatables as they really help a business to stand out amongst the many,î said John Pflughoft, Owner of JODATI Inc. dba Blockbuster. ìWe custom ordered ours in colors to match our corporate logo so in addition to driving customers through our doors, these inflatables also support brand awareness.î

In addition to the large percentage of users who realized clear return on investment using dancing inflatables, the survey also revealed the following:

? 88% Have used dancing inflatables for events or promotions
? 94% would consider using dancing inflatables in the future
? 86% would rather have higher quality U.S. made dancing inflatables

The survey was conducted over a 14-day period and sponsored by SkyDancers International, a pioneer in the development of dancing inflatables. The survey targeted known users of dancing inflatables who purchased them for a variety of reasons including the promotion of events, event kick-offs, business grand openings, business sales events and more.

ìUsers of dancing inflatables acknowledge that attracting attention to events or promotions can be very challenging and many have used techniques and strategies that have not produced anticipated results,î said Chris Austin, President and CEO of SkyDancers International. ìWhen resources are poured into a promotion or event and the audience required to make the event successful does not show, it can be a painful experience. Our data shows that dancing inflatables mitigate that risk and support organizations in achieving the results they seek.